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“What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day,” said Pooh. - A.A. Milne.

Travel Blogging is more Business, less Sparkle

It looks like a dream. The perfect life. The absolute vision of #goals.

3 minute read

One Year On: Reflections of a Retired Nomad

It’s coming up to nearly 12 months on my apartment lease and I realise with some amazement that I have successfully settled in one place for a decent period of time.

3 minute read

Travelling Doesn’t Make You a Better Person: Reading Does

It’s no secret that there’s this mind-boggling, romantic goal of the millennial era to go travelling, see the world, and find themselves.

3 minute read

Giving the Respect that is Deserved

The biggest lesson I learned from travelling full-time. Imagine you are travelling to an office for a meeting. The prospective client is an important person with a busy schedule...

3 minute read

I Threw Out my 'To-Do' List This Weekend and Wrote a 'Did' List Instead

And I really recommend that you do the same. As breakfast on Saturday morning rolled...

3 minute read

When a Millennial Throws in the Towel to 'Go Travel'

And by travel I mean taking calculated steps. I just read a really good article about the Millenial Burnout. It completely...

3 minute read

I was Robbed in Budapest and I Think Our Tourism is to Blame

It all started when I booked a last-minute hostel the night before our trip — and only read the top 5 reviews...

4 minute read

I'm 80% Vegan. (And the Other 20% is Up to You)

"Why do you do it?" People often ask a vegan this question either straight away — or not at all.

5 minute read

Plastic Isn't Going to Kill Us. Blaming it is.

We know for sure that plastic is filling the oceans, the rubbish dumps, our animals and ourselves. We’re suffocating the earth with this nasty, resilient, immortal...

11 minute read

Bet You Ten Bucks You're Overcompensating and It's Ruining Your Life

“To take excessive measures in attempting to correct or make amends for an error..."

4 minute read

How the Bucket List Has Become the New Rat Race - And How We Can Resist It

I’m not sure when travel got popular. But I have some idea of how. Ten, twenty years ago, people went to work, worked hard...

6 minute read

How the Real Reward of Long-Term Travel Has Nothing to Do With Where You Go

I sat on the train to Zagreb thinking about how travelling between two capital cities in Europe cost me the same as a bus from...

6 minute read

Why It's a Privilege to Hate on the 9-5

That 6am alarm is a killer. Especially in the middle of winter. The room is pitch black and it won’t get light before you leave the...

3 minute read

Minimalism: Making Home a Mindset not a Space

I remember how I felt six months ago, squeezing the zip closed on my 55-litre backpack, only to realise there was...

3 minute read

Why Cheap Bus Travel Makes Me Feel Rich

I looked up at the bus stop I had just approached… and saw number 695. Bingo! After a slight detour I had nailed it, with...

2 minute read

Don't Underestimate Your Power as a Consumer

The close-knit collegiate life of university means big groups of friends and...

3 minute read

The Value of a Banana Up a Mountain

If you think about the things in your everyday life, what do they look like; what do you imagine? Your morning coffee...

2 minute read

Finding Balance on the Rollercoaster of Solo Travel

Solo travel is incredibly popular right now. Social media sells it as a rite of passage to...

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