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Newsletter – Identity K


Latest Edition: August 1, 2019

Brno lifestyle, friends & quick trips

Also explored: Does travel make you a better person? Or does reading do a better job instead?


1st of every month: A brief update of my current situation and then a newsfeed of everything published over the last month for you to pick and choose to read at your leisure! Join me for this journey of travel through my eyes through real-time storytelling. Check out the archive below for all the goodies of 2018.



Next one published:

Sunday 1st September 2019


Czech Republic | Finland

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July 1st 2019

Bratislava special edition

June 1st 2019

How to conquer your Monday Morning blues, plus advice for booking hostels in Europe!

May 1st 2019

Living in Czech Republic, Easter traditions

April 1st 2019

Settling into life in Brno plus Vietnam poem

March 1st 2019

Travelling in Vietnam

*New Edition* 2019 Introduction: 1st February

Looking Back at 2018 and Where to Next?

What's in these 2018 ones?

The Top 10 things I learned in the 2 week period (travel, food, history, life), my best accommodation pick of the fortnight and why, an underrated and overlooked gem that I found (wherever I am), favourite article I read, favourite piece I wrote myself, and of course the infamous European Beer Review. ­čŹ╗


Edition #19: December 23, 2018

New Zealand | Auckland, Dunedin

Edition #18: December 9, 2018

Poland, Czech Republic & United Kingdom | Wroclaw, Prague, London, Bedford

Edition #17: November 25, 2018

Austria & Czech Republic | Vienna, Brno

Edition #16: November 11, 2018

Czech Republic & Hungary | Brno, Olomouc, Budapest

Edition #15: October 28, 2018

Germany & Czech Republic | Augsburg, Ammersee, South Bavaria, Brno

Edition #14: October 14, 2018

Croatia, Slovenia & Germany | Zadar, Zagreb (again), Ljubljana (again) and Augsburg

Edition #13: September 30, 2018

Slovenia & Croatia | Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Zagreb, Zadar

Edition #12: September 16, 2018

Italy | Rome, Vatican, Spoleto, Assisi, San Giovanni, Cattolica, San Marino, Sieci, Pontassieve, Florence

Edition #11: September 2, 2018

Czech Republic | Brno

Edition #10: August 20, 2018

Czech Republic | Prague, Brno

Edition #9: August 5, 2018

Finland | Helsinki, Espoo, Hirvensalmi, Porvoo, Lahti, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Ruovesi

Edition #8: July 22, 2018

Poland & Finland | Krakow, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Helsinki

Edition #7: July 8, 2018

Germany & Czech Republic | Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Prague, Brno

Edition #6: June 24, 2018

England | Bedford, Cambridge, London, Youlgrave

Edition #5: June 10, 2018

England | London, Brighton & South Downs, Bedford

Edition #4: May 27th, 2018

Portugal | Faro, Lagos, Portimão, Lisbon, Porto

Edition #3: May 13th, 2018

Spain | Malaga, Ronda, Gibraltar, Cadiz, Seville

Edition #2: April 29th, 2018

Spain | Murcia, Granada, Cazorla, Cordoba

Edition #1: April 15th, 2018

Spain | Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, Alicante