Plastic Isn’t Going to Kill Us. Blaming it Is.

We know for sure that plastic is filling the oceans, the rubbish dumps, our animals and ourselves. We’re suffocating the earth with this nasty, resilient, immortal material that we created exactly for that purpose: to be strong.

We cannot blame one single person, one single law, or one single manufacturing breakthrough. The development of plastic into the monstrosity it is today is completely and collectively down to the evolution of us. Human beings.

And why? Because we got greedy and wanted more.

Thankfully, there’s lots of interest in saving the planet and lots of people out there doing good things towards achieving that. However, we’re forgetting one simple, cut-throat, obliterating detail.

That we are cleaning up our past mistakes and not our future attitudes.

Plastic isn’t our biggest problem. We are.

Sure, you can get rid of the stuff. Ban plastic bags in supermarkets. Charge a fortune for takeaway containers. But it doesn’t change our practices.

Plastic will become uncool, but we will simply replace it, because we haven’t learned anything. Only when the planet starts to die from another material (let’s say the eureka replacement of plastic) will we realise that maybe, the enemy wasn’t the plastic bag, all along.

Maybe, it was us.

There are lots of trends these days, and buzz-words and marketing tools absolutely capitalise on trends. The thing with a trend is, it’s cyclical, so you have to jump on it the minute it evolves, as soon as it’s born, before it becomes too cool (without you) — and strike while the iron is hot.

If you can look like you’re doing the world a favour at the same time, bingo. Why not help clean up the plastic.

Let me give you some examples of how utterly dire this has made us and how it’s totally unproductive.

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