Running in Foreign Lands

It’s easy to measure our running at home, on our regular routes. We push ourselves out the door in the sun, rain, dawn, and dusk, and try our best to knock a few seconds off our last time. We know the routes that avoid traffic lights, busy footpaths, and uneven terrain.

So, what happens when you go away?

It’s a romantic notion, “running abroad”. Realistically, a lot of people that go on holiday also have a holiday from their exercise routines – which is totally fair enough. But if you’re someone who’d like to counteract the extra calories, or not lose your fitness over the two weeks, or simply enjoy running alongside the sunrise, here are some tips for how to make the most out of a very unfamiliar setting.

1. Forget (or forgive) the watch

We’re not going to be as fast as we usually are, and this is okay. We have plenty of other things to focus on, like navigating through new streets, which side of the road and footpath the traffic travels on, and the cobble stones underfoot. Let alone the temperature and climate, the fact we might have put too many layers on, and that we might have had pastries for breakfast and not too much alcohol the night before. So, please, take the pressure off yourself and forget the watch (or try to forgive it). If you made it out the door into this foreign setting, simply putting in your best effort in is enough. If you are still want to time it, that’s fine! But don’t beat yourself up over a slower speed – the odds are literally against you.

2. “Take the green man!”

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