Three Cracking Sunset Spots in the Algarve

Sometimes I think my blog should be called “Sunset Chaser” or something like that, because I seem to do it a lot and I think I’m a bit addicted to seeing the sun go down (in a good way…?).

One of the reasons (actually, the main reason) I chose to go to Portugal was for its west-facing coast and the sunset opportunities that that would bring. I wasn’t disappointed. But you also don’t have to be facing directly west to see a cracking orange beauty sink on the horizon and put you in a mesmerising trance for an hour.

Here are some (surprisingly?) good spots for seeing this sight.




Faro’s main beach is a bus ride away from the town, but there's a wee marina and pier in the centre. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who thought it would be a good place to watch the sunset from. I was joined by a few other people wrapped in blankets with camera lenses at the ready, sitting on the rocks and just enjoying the end of the day. The way the colours reflect on the perfectly still water makes it a great viewing point.




Nearby, the beach of Portimao isn’t west facing, but if you walk out to the lighthouse, the sun sinks over the city buildings, producing a pretty brilliant backdrop for the orange sky. Plus you can actually see the beach too, because you’re not standing on it, so in the early stages the sand is v. v. golden.

SUNSET Portimao



The beautiful beaches of Lagos are mainly south facing, but if you trek out to the lighthouse (about a 30-40 minute walk from town), you can sit facing west and lose yourself in the ball of fire as it lowers over the next headland. It creates the perfect scene for yachts sailing off into the sunset, and I did actually see a few of these – amazing. The golden rock becomes even more golden and it’s hard to leave even after the striking rays have darkened and the bugs come out to play.


If you’re heading to the Algarve, don’t waste your evenings inside: get out there and immerse yourself in the phantasmagorical enlightening of a Portuguese sunset!! If you’re struggling to find a good spot, check these ones out!

Do you have a favourite pic? Let me know!


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